How Cloud Technology Amplifies Features of Online Video Platform?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 22, 2020

How Cloud Technology Amplifies Features of Online Video Platform?

Cloud-based online video platforms provide media companies with services that help them boost the efficiency of content distribution channels.   

FREMONT, CA: In the rapidly changing world, technology has primarily contributed to expanding the options for video viewing and accessing methods. Media and entertainment companies are adopting technology-driven online video services and platforms to attract viewers’ attention. Cloud-based online video platforms have gained massive popularity in the past few years. Cloud-computing technology proves to revolutionize the media and entertainment sector by streamlining the content distribution across multiple channels.

Tech-savvy content distributors are actively switching to cloud-based online video platforms. Deploying a cloud-based online video platform not only satisfies the mobile viewing demands but offers high-quality on-demand video services by reducing complexity and cost. With the help of a cloud-based online video platform, video providers can meet their subscriber demand for multi-screen content, anywhere and anytime.

Cloud-based online video platforms enable video providers and distributors to use a single platform for video publication across multiple channels. Backed with advanced cloud features, the unique platform also helps the publishers to optimize the video size and format according to different devices. The growth of media and entertainment business is directly proportional to the quality of published videos. Adopting a cloud-based online video platform automates the monitoring of video reliability and quality. Cloud provides complete visibility across video processing systems and the network delivering the service.

One of the significant benefits that a cloud-based online video platform delivers is easing the discovery of published videos. Cloud enables intuitive search methods through voice recognition, which helps the viewers to discover newly published or trending videos more naturally and seamlessly. Cloud creates a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business infrastructure that increases the speed of video delivery. SaaS eliminates the need to manage the video base of the media firms, as cloud technology provides vast data storage solutions with high cybersecurity.    

Excellent security services across the video base and subscriber accounts allow the media business to develop a consistent approach across the video delivery chain. Cloud-based online video platforms let the professionals focus on satisfying the subscribers' experience with uncompromising cybersecurity. 

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