How Cloud is Transforming Streaming

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, December 05, 2019

How Cloud is Transforming Streaming

Content providers are using cloud platforms for managing streaming applications as well as handling mission-critical business trade-offs.

FREMONT, CA: Online video streaming platforms have largely evolved over a period of time. However, the primary purpose of the streaming platform has remained unchanged and aims at enabling users to upload, store, convert, and playback video content on the internet. Increasingly, the platforms are being used by the content developers for marketing and communication as well as a means of offering entertaining or educational content. Cloud technological capabilities have largely contributed to the above cause. Video streaming platforms are using cloud scaling to offer larger bandwidth and speed. Such factors are essential to address heavier video requirements and offer a better viewing experience.

With a massive surge in internet traffic, enterprises are investing in video streaming strategies for internal as well as external business use. Conventionally, the enterprise-wide area network (WAN) was never intended to deal with video streaming traffic. The transmission of large packets of video streaming data results in latency that can negatively impact the video streaming and viewing experience. The above challenge can be addressed by scaling on the cloud as it can increase the bandwidth to provide better video streaming performance. Moreover, as most enterprises don’t possess networks capable of heavy traffic and video streaming, there is a massive demand for video streaming platforms and cloud scaling.

Various cloud-enabled enterprise content management solutions enable scalable enterprise storage, global scale accessibility, speedier video streaming encoding, and streamline media delivery to various devices and browsers in varying bandwidth conditions. The ability of the cloud to scale infinitely allows the streaming platforms to increase their bandwidth and offer better streaming and viewing experience to the audience.  

The possibilities created by cloud-based streaming solutions can impact a wide range of sectors like healthcare, defense, law enforcement, customer service, tourism, automotive, and entertainment. Moreover, the ever-increasing traffic of data needs an optimized cloud platform for transmission. The cloud providers have realized the demand and are investing in cloud infrastructure solutions as well as in maintaining the highest standards for network compliance and security.

With further advancements in cloud infrastructure, content developers will scale up in terms of cloud dependency and will use the platform for a wide range of applications.

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