How CDN Enhances Gaming

Pamela Morgan, Media and Entertainment Tech outlook | Friday, April 02, 2021

Gaming providers are leveraging CDN to offer an uninterrupted experience to players across the globe.

FREMONT, CA: The gaming industry is constantly growing since the past few decades. According to a report, 79 percent of gamers said that video games offer mental stimulation as well as relaxation and stress relief. However, the surge in the demands for gaming experience must also be complemented with fast download speeds for an optimal gaming experience. In modern times many games are being played in 4K and have huge file sizes. Thus, it can become an extremely frustrating experience for users if the internet speed is not adequately high. This challenge can be addressed with the help of a content delivery network (CDN).

While CDN is also useful for streaming services, its essence in the gaming industry is unmatchable. The streaming of interactive content such as Virtual Reality and games differ from video streaming in a major way. While video streaming requires one-way delivery of content, games are a two-way proposition. Each time a button is pressed, a signal must travel to the server where the game is being hosted. Further, gamers are spread across the world. Some of them might be at a remote location where it’s difficult to get fast internet speeds. Networks of servers operating over CDN can connect to viewers from locations that are close to the viewers.

A multi-CDN media delivery strategy ensures the seamless transfer of data packets between the gaming system and the server. In the case of CDN, service downtime is avoided due to the presence of a network of servers. Thus, if one server malfunctions, the other is ready to compensate and provide cached content to the users by caching content nearest to the user. The above capability enhances performance and minimizes errors by offloading bandwidth from the origin.

The gaming industry understands the essence of CDNs and is expected to keep using the technology for offering seamless gaming experience to the users.

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