How can Online Video Platforms Beat Content Piracy?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, October 23, 2019

How can Online Video Platforms Beat Content Piracy?

Keeping piracy at bay requires the intervention of advanced, technology backed-solutions in addition to anti-piracy policies and better enforcement strategies.  

FREMONT, CA: Digital content has become common with the onset of the digital era in the media and entertainment industry. Illegal access to video content through downloads and streaming has been an issue that broadcasters, as well, are video producers, have always looked to tackle. Video piracy impacts revenue generation, making it essential for media companies to look at ways of curbing the unlawful access to their video content. The dynamics of piracy have changed from the age of DVDs and downloads, taking more sophisticated forms with the emergence of online video platforms. But the risk of piracy and losses are still the same. By determining the loopholes causing piracy, media companies can take up technology-driven preventive measures.      

The growing competition among leading online video platforms has resulted in the escalation of video piracy. Understanding the factors behind piracy, broadcasters and content owners can device appropriate ways of dealing with the challenge. Previously, piracy was centered on BitTorrent sites, but now, illicit streaming devices (ISD)or illegal websites that stream pirated content openly are used commonly. The ISD devices are available to buy in markets and come preloaded with channels and content. For the viewers, these devices are less costly than taking periodic subscriptions from legitimate online video platforms. This difference in price often becomes a reason for video piracy. While some of these devices allow free access to content, others charge a small subscription fee, making the ISDs seem authentic to the users. Online video platforms that run pirated content are designed as separate websites, giving access to people using any kind of device.

While steps like stronger anti-piracy laws and bans on ISD devices are the basic ones that every company should take, complimenting them with dedicated software solutions is also essential. Today, technology vendors are offering digital solutions that promise to curb piracy. Some of these solutions have benefitted immensely from the advancement in automation. Automated programs are now able to detect and block pirated streaming content in real-time. These solutions work well in the case of live video streaming, as well. While picking solutions, companies must check for comprehensive coverage to vast resources of content. Streamlined enforcement of privacy clauses is also a function in which these solutions excel. With robust identification and monitoring tools that bar the illegal streaming of highly-valued online video content prevention of illegal streaming becomes a possibility. The solutions, many of which are developed from scratch by technology companies, are capable of capturing critical streaming data as well, ruling out piracy.  

Only when online video platforms can ensure piracy-proof, channel-specific content streaming, they can achieve high revenue generation. Be it live content or recorded programs, reducing piracy helps the streaming industry secure their positions in the market and generate higher viewership.

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