How can Media Companies Up the Success of Live Streaming?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, January 20, 2020

How can Media Companies Up the Success of Live Streaming?

As the appeal of live broadcasts among viewers rises, media companies look for ways to retain lead among competitors.

FREMONT, CA: The concept of entertainment has undergone several transformations in accordance with evolving technologies. In today's age of high-speed network connectivity, audiences have created a demand for content that is live-streamed. Thus, in addition to on-demand shows, media and entertainment companies are trying to develop channels and content for live streaming. Broadcasting a live video to a global audience involves a host of challenges. Several aspects of the infrastructure have to be refurbished, and new capabilities have to be acquired. The following list contains some advanced tools and solutions that can help media and entertainment companies enhance the success of live streaming.

• Distribution and Delivery Solutions

Today, several companies in the market offer innovative and technologically advanced solutions for the distribution and delivery of live broadcasts. One way to enhance success is by simultaneously distributing live streams across several channels. This saves time and resources while engaging a wider audience. Similarly, Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are also key for the effective delivery of live streams to the audience. CDNs ensure minimum buffering, helping bring down video abandonment rates.

• Monetization Solutions

Monetization is central to the success of live video streaming. Many online surveys have pointed out that viewers are ready to pay for live videos. However, media companies need to determine which model of monetization works best and then opt for solutions. Companies can either go for a pay-per-view model or a subscription model. The third option here could be monetization through advertisements. With the right tools, monetization can be seamless, creating significant streams of revenue.

• Security and Accessibility Tools

Limited accessibility and protection against piracy of live content is crucial for the success of live broadcasts. There are several tools that can protect streams from being accessed by unverified viewers. Password protectors, encryption solutions, and tools that enable geography-based limits on content accessibility can boost the security of video content.

Media companies can now leverage technologies and tools at various stages of the live broadcast process to create popular platforms that ace live streaming.

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