How Businesses Can Benefit from Video Management System

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 15, 2021

How Businesses Can Benefit from Video Management System

Video analytics has become more matured in recent years. It is also primed for VMS integration, providing the ability to significantly widen the performance of and intelligence provided by other systems.

FREMONT, CA: In the past few years, security has become more video-centric. As end-users implement more cameras and increase their coverage, it becomes possible to verify many types of events from several security subsystems like access control, point-of-sale (POS), intrusion, and more through the VMS. While camera manufacturers continue to offer higher resolutions, that’s no longer the main objective of video surveillance. Instead, it is more about expanding the use case for surveillance by increasing end users’ return on investment. The video management system is one of the most helpful tools.

‘Seeing is believing,’ so being able to corroborate data from these other security technologies with video makes the overall system becomes more powerful.  One of the significant factors that make VMS well-suited sit at the core of these integrated systems is people’s affinity for video in general. When it comes to combining disparate technologies into VMS, training may be the most vital element for integrators. Some integration is so complicated that extensive knowledge is required to make everything work properly. The most common call is an integrator who needs help in making a solution work properly.

Due to a lack of integration platforms, integrators do not have the resources to learn every system and usually do not employ innovative API developers to create integrations. So they become knowledgeable on one specific project that may not translate to the next. From a technology standpoint, the available opportunities grow too quickly to be experts on all options. One of the biggest hurdles integrators faces is keeping up with technology transformations. Having a robust relationship with technology vendors can go a long way in easing this and can also open the door to creative integrations.