How Blockchain Transforms Content Streaming

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, November 04, 2019

How Blockchain Transforms Content Streaming

Blockchain-based content-streaming platforms help the content providers and publishers tackle new age challenges of content piracy, ownership, and distribution.      

FREMONT, CA: While the internet revolutionizes the ways of accessing content, the implementation of blockchain technology brings transformation in the existing streaming platforms. In recent years, the explosion of the internet introduces a new era of media and entertainment industry by fueling numerous devices integrated with different applications, allowing access to desired content any time and from anywhere.  The disruptive advantages of blockchain technology attract the attention of tech-savvy content providers and publishers, as blockchain holds the potential to face numerous challenges of content streaming.

Integrating blockchain technology into the content-streaming platform brings an entirely new, decentralized model for content distribution and monetization. The blockchain technology enables direct participation in the network for customers, content creators, and infrastructure providers, by creating data blocks with full transparency. The decentralized content distribution model of the blockchain provides smart contract features that eliminate any hidden intermediary costs and enables direct streaming of content to customers. By facilitating online micropayments within the user and content creators, blockchain allows the monetizing of transactions using cryptocurrency wallets.

Blockchain technology enables each participant to verify the transaction records directly through its peer-to-peer network, allowing a smooth and wholly verified content streaming. The advanced technology helps the content distributors tackle the issues of content ownership and sharing. The blockchain-integrated content-streaming platforms encrypt the content through the interplanetary file system that allows the content distributors to easily track the decryption keys and validate the accuracy of content ownership. Powered by blockchain, the Content Delivery Network (CDN) utilizes the collective unused space by converting it into peer-to-peer cloud storage and data delivery network. 

The decentralized blockchain-based entertainment network helps the content creators by allowing them to pitch their content directly to the customers. The digital world witness the massive shift of audiences from their television sets to numerous content-streaming platforms. The increase in online viewership has not only boosted the competition levels for content providers or publishers but also raised piracy and ownership issues. From direct payments to secure content streamlining, blockchain technology promises future-generation content streaming solutions while tackling the modern world’s challenges.

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