How Avid Features of ProMAX platform can Optimize Shared Platforms

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 17, 2019

Avid features in ProMAX enables various editors to operate on various ProMAX Platform’s Shared storage devices.

FREMONT, CA: It has always been a challenge to improve the shared interface for multiple editors who are working on a common project. The above issue is being addressed by ProMAX Platform version 4.6, which has been enhanced with Native Avid Bin Locking and Project sharing capabilities.

The ProMAX Platform functions seemingly well in collaboration with the Avid collaborative features. The platform uses media composer that enables multiple editors to share platform while working on a project simultaneously without having to pay any extra cost, unlike Avid ISIS or Avid unity.

By adding Avid Collaboration features to the latest version 4.6, ProMAX Platform can operate on various Platform Shared storage devices, including the Platform Studio, Platform Online, and Platform Portable. It creates a highly efficient workflow server designed especially for professionals to boost and improve content creation process.

The new release allows creative’s to be highly collaborative. Editors who are used to Avid environments will find it extremely simple and effective as Media Composer acts identically while working on Platform as it does on an ISIS. Coupling the two features produces robust workflow server capabilities, with increased workflow efficacy. It offers a shared storage solution for 4k workflows with video performance to support full resolution 4K editing for around 5 users or 10 total streams of ProRes 422 HQ Ultra HD. 

Additionally, the ProMAX platform has the potential to power content creation and manage various production processes, including transcoding, media asset management, and rendering that would typically be executed on specific workstations. With the ability to access media directly, ProMAX platform can operate efficiently and generate results for the customers.

Platform's Avid project sharing allows simultaneous and seamless and access to the project media just like an Avid ISIS.