How are the Current Trends Molding the Film Industry?

Pamela Morgan, Media&Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, August 12, 2021

In this age, the lines between the big and small screens have blurred significantly, and filmmaking has changed in many fundamental ways starting from technology to technique.

Fremont, CA: It has been a difficult decade for the movie industry. Television production values excelled, and with the introduction of subscription streaming services, more people decided to get their screen entertainment elsewhere. But instead of declaring the death-knell for cinema, the new hurdle and competition have spurred the industry to explore new avenues. A number of the emerging trends in the film industry displays levels of innovation that are sure to keep audiences engaged; however, they choose to watch.

Audience Engagement

Interaction has become a vital component in all areas of media. Advertisers engaging their target market through Twitter and hope to create content that connects on an emotional level. The first experiments have been carried out in creating interactive content in film and TV. As technology develops, it can be expected that the film industry starts to embrace such immersive events. Currently, the use of mobile phones in the cinema is still a social faux pas, but that can change soon; the time when the audience chooses the direction the movie should take is not far. 

Virtual Reality Tech

As interactive filmmaking is the prime focus these days, VR could bring personal experiences to individual viewers. Recent breakthroughs in technology have brought about some VR-enabled live-action video cameras to the market. This opens many doors for creating movie content in an entirely novel and immersive medium. The film industry is lagging behind a little when it comes to the adoption of VR technology, as online casinos were some of the first to pick up on its potential.

Low-Budget Filmmaking

The past few years witnessed more box office records being smashed; hence it was proved that the Hollywood heavyweights can still draw the crowds. But at the same time, with the everyday technology being at our fingertips, quality movies can now be made on a shoestring.

Looking forward, the world can expect to see the leading actors break out of the old Hollywood mold of preternatural beauty, and the hero and heroines can look just like us.

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