How All-New Limited-Edition Headsets Can Modernize Gaming Experience

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, January 03, 2020

How All-New Limited-Edition Headsets Can Modernize Gaming Experience

Strikingly different in appearance from conventional gaming hardware, a new gaming headset is revolutionizing the gaming industry like never before.

FREMONT, CA: LucidSound has made the 3,500 LS50X Snoop Dogg Limited-Edition headsets available for pre-order. LucidSound announced a collaboration with the legendary rapper, and the gamer has created a flawless headset that features LucidSound signature on-ear controls, 20-hour battery life, 50mm speakers, Snoop Dogg voice prompts and Bluetooth connectivity, EQ mode, sleek chrome and white look with Snoop Dogg branding, and more. The upcoming LS50X Snoop Dogg Limited-Edition headset by LucidSound is a feast to the eyes for Snoop Dogg fans and gamers. 

LS50X Snoop Dogg Limited-Edition headset features signature controls that have the most intuitive volume and mute controls, fully integrated into the design aesthetic and seamless device switching. In contrast, the headset can connect to any Bluetooth audio device simultaneously, with hassle-free switching between the two. The new headset also features Snoop Dogg voice prompts that receives setting prompts from Snoop Dogg itself as the user sets up and uses the headset, Snoopadelic EQ mode that provides dual-microphone design, offering flexible boom mic for intense online gameplay, removing the boom mic to use the integrated mic for mobile, hence supporting background noise and echo cancellation.

LS50X Snoop Dogg Limited-Edition headset is designed for comfort with ultra-plush, with easily replaceable oval ear cups, including advanced memory foam and extra soft pleather for superior comfort during long play sessions. The headphones' sound quality is custom-tuned with 50mm speakers and state-of-the-art neodymium magnets that offer deep bass and clear highs. It has a 20-hour battery life and is designed to be comfortable for every head size. 

LucidSound is the fastest growing gaming headset brand, committed to designing premium quality audio products for gamers. LucidSound's team aims to deliver world-class audio to interactive audiences. Uncompromising in its insistence for audio excellence, LucidSound crafts audio products specifically for the needs of gamers and daily life.