How AI is playing a Vital Role in Delivering Realistic Experiences

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 07, 2019

How AI is playing a Vital Role in Delivering Realistic Experiences

Artificial intelligence serves as a boost for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry's attempts to create better and realistic viewer experiences.  

FERMONT, CA: The M&E industry is at the height of rapid transformation, with digital technologies capturing the limelight. Artificial Intelligence (AI) promises to transform the industry, changing everything from content creation to customer experience. Read on to learn more about the industry's AI applications.   

Visualization has significantly impacted by the introduction of AI in all forms of media and entertainment. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality came in to innovate the media experience. Reality technologies can provide an immersive experience by bringing the audience into a virtual world and presenting in the real world with virtual elements. One of the first to adopt AI was the gaming industry. The impact of technology in the industry can be visualized and experienced in contrast to other sectors. Using AI in the gaming industry leads to more realistic animation games that imitate natural ways.

AI is used by online video platforms to customize content for the individual client. AI-based apps have algorithms that learn over time what users are watching and suggesting similar content, including the most powerful recommendations. Increased customization results in improved engagement, and thus it is evolving as a must-have feature for companies to thrive. AI-driven chatbots are driving the industry by offering custom content, new media opportunities, and improving communication effectiveness on any platform in the modern age of varied digital channels. Chatbots also help individuals get the right information they're looking for. In the media and entertainment industry, there are weather bots, the gaming bots, the slack bots, to name a few chatbots.

In the media industry, AI's potential is infinite. The majority of industry-wide companies have already implemented AI to help them with different tasks. As technology continually improves, one can be certain that AI can become an inevitable driver that can take the business to the next scale.

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