How 8K Impacts the Future of Streaming

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How 8K Impacts the Future of Streaming

Streaming solution providers can leverage the 8K platform to provide their customers with high-resolution streaming content. 

FREMONT, CA: Amidst a rapidly changing world of technology, the 8K display resolution industry has emerged as the next big thing. The continuous development and increasing technological advancements are the key factors leading to the proliferation of the 8K display resolution sector. 8K offers a higher resolution than 4K and is considered instrumental for future streaming solutions.

Customers are constantly upgrading to the greatest and latest TVs. According to a report, Americans watch more than 8 billion hours of content monthly through connected TV devices alone. While some argue that 8K TVs have arrived before their time, the fact is that in the world of media and entertainment, things move really fast. The reduction in the price of 8K TVs is also adding to the cause of technology. A major issue that has limited the proliferation of 8K TVs on the consumer market was the lack of 8K content or the sufficient bandwidth needed to stream such high-resolution content. However, the challenge is gradually subsiding as streaming platforms are coming up with ultra-high resolution content.   

8K is expected to gain immense popularity in the time to come. Thus, streaming solution providers must prepare for the change. For instance, 8K will require a much higher proportion of bandwidth as well as storage requirements. With an increase in the size of the file, solution providers must also address the latency and transmission overheads. One way to ensure the transmission of large media files would be to deploy UDP-based acceleration software. The software deployment will enable full utilization of the available bandwidth. The need for UDP-based acceleration is also powered by the fact that conventional protocols such as FTP and TCP don’t function optimally when large content needs to be transmitted over long distances.  

The emergence of 8K offers a wide range of opportunities for streaming providers. However, the key to gain an edge through 8K would require preparations on the service provider’s part to address the operational overheads.

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