How 5G fuels the Growth of Streaming Companies?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Saturday, October 05, 2019

5G helps the new age streaming companies to boost their business growth and expand customer reach with revolutionary advantages.     

FREMONT, CA: With the deployment of 5G networks, the media and entertainment industry expects a new revolution for streaming and broadcasting content on a variety of platforms. The rise in the use of digital devices like smart mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, smartwatches, IOTs, and more has led to the growth of streaming platforms with flexible options to access the content. 5G network brings numerous opportunities for the media and entertainment industry to offer a wide range of content-providing channels at a higher speed. The improved download speeds and streaming quality of content help the content providers boost customer satisfaction. 5G enhances consumer accessibility and experience with content streaming platforms while generating new revenue opportunities for streamers.

5G offers many facilities to improve streaming quality, such as faster speed, lower latency, stronger reliability, higher capacity, and better mobility. The new network capabilities of 5G help media and entertainment enterprises develop new business models with new channels to reach consumers. This technology brings substantial transformation in content streaming services over cellular networks with high-quality user experience. With the help of 5G, streaming companies can successfully build interactivity and new ways to engage audiences on a massive scale. 5G can efficiently boost connectivity and promote content sharing through streaming platforms.

5G can not only speed up video streaming and consumption but also enable efficient VR and AR experiences. The up-gradation in network connectivity encourages the automobile industry to integrate video streaming features with 5G and present AR and VR content streaming options to the moving vehicles. With high network capacity, uniformity, and latency, the next-generation video streaming platforms offer high content steaming performance and consumer satisfaction. 5G adoption can allow streaming companies to optimize on-device performance, cut down prices of new schemes and offers for streaming packages, eliminate intermediaries to distribute high-quality content and initiate a variety of subscription models.  

As the popularity of video, audio, or other entertaining content streaming increases, the consumption of data also grows. To match the rapidly increasing demand for the wide coverage of a strong data network, 5G offers better handling capabilities of the devices, mobiles, and other advanced equipment. The next-generation network facilities of uploading and downloading the content faster than ever can allow the streaming companies to offer live content streaming options. With the promises of better quality content that can be sent and received without interruptions, 5G can bring potential benefits to the content creators and distributors. 5G can allow mobile application developers to achieve customer satisfaction with in-event and in-transaction options like play, pause, and more on streaming platforms. The introduction of the 5G network increases the data volume and speed requirements of the already existing data architectures. Integrating 5G networks with smart technologies can build contextual entities from multiple streams, and enable data ingestion, service enhancement, and analyze new data derived from different streaming actions and platforms.

5G network is all set to bring revolution and significant impacts on the media and entertainment industry. The advanced ability to connect a larger number of devices in a single network can smoothly power all the participants with a high-speed internet connection and low latency. The next-generation network capabilities fuel competency and boost revenue generation. The media and entertainment industry is all set to embrace 5G offerings and benefits to achieve long-term business growth and explore new possibilities.