Here's How the Video Gaming Industry is Shaping Up with Technological Advancements

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

Gamers dream about being a part of the virtual world of games. In light of this, technology transforming gaming and creating natural and immersive gaming experiences.

FREMONT, CA: Video gaming has come a long way from where it began. The journey for gamers has been equally fascinating. Video game makers today have many new technologies to work with and are being able to create realistic gaming experiences. Most of the technologies that video game makers are incorporating into their products are helping them deliver more immersive and more engaging games. Every genre of game is undergoing a tech makeover, and the results are significantly increasing revenues. Some of the technologies impacting the video game industry are listed here.

•   Voice Recognition

One of the most recent developments that are making its way into the gaming arena is that of voice recognition. The popularity of voice-based search and voice-based applications is rising with many companies looking to utilize the powerful medium. A built-in microphone in a gaming device that allows interaction between the gamers and the characters in the game, or enables controls is expected to reach the markets soon.

•  Wearable Gaming

Wearable technology has found a lot of applications in various sectors. In the video gaming industry as well, one can see the popularity of wearable devices. The games which were previously limited to consoles or desktops and mobile phones have now shifted to gadgets like smartwatches and smart glasses. This extension of the gaming medium increases the entertainment value of gaming.


•  Augmented and Virtual Reality Gaming

The most influential technologies in the media and entertainment industry are the twin technologies of virtual and augmented reality. The technology pair has the power to combine aspects of the real and virtual world, thereby proving gamers with a unique experience. A few games that have used the technology saw extreme popularity across the globe. While augmented reality improves the experience, virtual reality converts the real world into a 3D virtual world with components such as virtual eyepieces and headphones.

It is difficult to predict how the gaming industry will develop in the future, but the current scenario has the gaming community excited. Every day, game makers are coming up with innovative games and fresh applications of technology, and the road ahead is full of pleasant surprises.