GB Labs Improves Market Leading Storage System OS

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, July 24, 2020

GB Labs Improves Market Leading Storage System OS

By understanding industry problems, technology leaders are developing cutting-edge technologies for the unique CORE software that fulfills end-users needs.

FREMONT, CA: The leader in intelligent storage solutions, GB Labs unveils that its proprietary CORE.4 and CORE.4 Lite operating systems have been upgraded with additional security benefits designed to improve existing performance, analytic, and real-time data monitoring and display features. For the past few months, GB Labs was working hard to further improve its already market-leading storage system OS with a range of security enhancements. To everyday users, the company has again practically reinvented what is possible to do with a well-designed storage system.

Security has always been vital for protecting valuable assets, and with increasing numbers of people moving files around from a variety of remote locations - including home - and between various platforms, GB Labs realized the importance of revisiting its operating systems to exploit or improve every aspect of their protective environment. The CORE.4 UI has been updated with several auditing characteristics, both historical and real-time. Data can be sorted to indicate how users have communicated with files and the type of protocol, login confirmation, shutdown, and restart, file transfer status, and location details, in addition to reporting creation and delivery tools. The real-time data is displayed in a timeline along with a pie chart that includes protocol data, all of which can be viewed and accessed for detailed analysis of precisely what is taking place with the data at any time.

The in-built System Security Analyser in CORE.4 and CORE.4 Lite is a tool that actively looks for potential security issues and, if detected, makes appropriate recommendations. The upgraded CORE.4 OS with advanced security is currently being rolled out to existing GB Labs storage system users and will be available in all new systems from August 2020.

GB Labs is a leading organization in Intelligent Media Storage, creating a shared storage ecosystem for the media industry. Regardless of where the production is being filmed, how big the team is, or the size of the budget, GB Labs can provide a solution to ensure deadlines are met, and throughout the whole process, content is secure.