Eyeball-as-a-Service Launched in Singapore by HGC

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, March 15, 2021

Eyeball-as-a-Service Launched in Singapore by HGC

Eyeball-as-a-Service launched in Singapore by HGC, a massive benefit to international OTT content providers.

FREMONT, CA: HGC Global Communications Limited (HGC), a fully-fledged ICT service provider and network operator with extensive global coverage, launches Eyeball-as-a-ServiceTM (EaaS) to help international Over-The-Top (OTT) operators, content providers, and e-commerce firms widen their footprint across vast geographical landmasses at high-speed, low latency and best-in-class service-level agreements (SLA) to fulfil the wide applications driven by 5G edge computing.

With the regular expansion of interactive OTT players like gaming firms, esports, virtual commerce, media content providers, internet firms, AI & IoT technology providers, application developers and start-ups, the demand for high-quality and seamlessly accessible network reach has never been so vital.

HGC's EaaS ready-to-go platform comes to help both Tier 1 and Tier 2 OTTs penetration in the South East Asia sector, one of the significant revenue generators. EaaS mitigates time-to-market from months to weeks, with HGC's one-stop direct peering connection to ISPs, regional MNO, local Internet Exchange and commercial broadband providers. The newly released HGC EaaS service facilitates OTTs to reach nearly 100 per cent of Internet eyeballs in Singapore. Riding on HGC's fine-tuned IP transit network, HGC can provide a least-hop, optimized, direct local connections from OTTs' edge servers with ultra-low latency that improves users' Quality of Experience (QoE).

The EaaS service allows OTTs to overcome complex technical and commercial arrangements to better efficiency when widening into new fast-developing markets. Such high-quality connection is suitable for business applications and ideal for time-sensitive and location-aware use cases comprising online gaming, eHealth and commercial or industrial automation.

With the latest EaaS service, HGC can uniquely help gaming enterprises, application developers, start-ups and other players in unearthing the full value of OTT services in penetrating Asia at a fast-to-market pace. HGC plans to widen the service to new countries in the South East Asia region, accelerating the EaaS coverage to 400 million users in the future, and help OTTs' business penetration under the US$100 billion Southeast Asia's internet economy boom.