Evaluating CDNs: 3 Major Differentiators to Eye

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, August 07, 2020

Comparisons hold the key to selecting the right CDN for any media company looking to deliver high-quality video content.

FREMONT, CA: The market for live, as well as on-demand video content, is skyrocketing. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) are vital to the effective distribution of video content anywhere across the world. Today, there are several leading CDN providers in the market, and all of them have the potential to make video streaming highly disruption-proof. The onus is on the media companies to determine the CDN that works best for them. Arriving at a conclusion regarding the preferred CND should involve deliberations and comparisons. But the effectiveness of the outcome will depend on what factors are considered in the process. Some factors that can evaluate various CDNs and highlight the specialties are enlisted below. 


The number of servers that a CDN has is an essential factor in comparison and is denoted as Point-of-Presence (POP). The number of servers involved is directly linked to the speed and reliability of streaming. Thus, media companies should compare the size of leading CDNs and opt for a large or small-sized network depending upon the scale of content distribution.

Security Criteria

The security scenario is volatile in the media sector. This mandates strategies and tools that can safeguard content during delivery. Thus, media companies comparing top CDNs should consider the service offered for boosting security. Many leading CDN providers offer a host of features that can prevent attacks or optimize recovery. Automated response to threats is one area that should figure in every CDN comparison.

Location of Servers

The physical proximity of CDN servers to end-users is a determinant of how effective the network will be in delivering video content sans buffering or disruptions. If a media company has a target audience that is localized in a particular area, the CDN servers should ideally be located somewhere close. Thus, comparisons should also be made from the perspective of server locations.

Comparisons, with the right set of factors being considered, can help media companies determine the CDN that is most suitable and investment-worthy. 

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