Envivio Rolls Out Cloud Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Envivio, provider of software-based video processing, delivery and monetization solutions comes up with the Cloud Digital Video Recorder (DVR) solution, optimized to run on the HP Moonshot for Media Processing server powered by Intel Xeon E3-1284 v4 processors.

"HP Moonshot is the ideal platform for video service providers, delivering breakthrough video streaming density at significantly reduced costs," says Paul Santeler, Vice President and General Manager, HP Moonshot.

Designed for multi-screen devices, the solution offers flexibility and cost-efficiency to video service providers to monetize services across all subscriber devices; with new functions like network time-shifting, Start-over TV, Catch-up TV and network Personal Video Recorders (nPVR), all in one virtual software solution.

The software known for its video and audio superiority is used to encode more than 150,000 live streams yearly all over the world. Being a software-defined storage with erasure coding; it uses the latest compression standards for transcoding and packaging that occupies reduced storage space at each step. By incorporating HP Moonshot’s scalable architecture that accelerates video processing functions of Intel Xeon processor E3-1200 v4 product family, Cloud DVR solution offers ideal cost/efficiency ratio.

This software and hardware combination presents key benefits like: Ultra-fast just-in-time transcoding; packaging can improve storage savings by a factor of 26; the combination significantly reduces storage, processing demands and energy savings.

"Envivio and HP are introducing a breakthrough improvement based on Intel technologies that will enable faster adoption and new revenue opportunities for video service providers worldwide with this unmatched cloud DVR capability," states Julien Signés, CEO, Envivio.

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