Digital Epoch Echoes Realistic E-Shopping, 3D Visualization is the Secret!

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Online shopping has emerged as a new trend in the digital world. With online shopping on a steady rise, retailers are embracing technologies that can help reduce returns and provide a more personal and frictionless shopping experience.

FREMONT, CA: Interactive product visualization is driving customer-centric shopping by allowing buyers to experience and observe the products before ordering. The idea helps customers to cover the journey with the products improving the chances of converting interests to sales. The customers get direct access to enriched content and customization capabilities with the use of this latest visualization technique.

Interactive product visualization ignites inquisitiveness in the minds of the customers, who demand innovative shopping experiences. Product visualization is intrinsic to the buyer's journey for a multitude of reasons. This process can instill a sense of ownership without interacting with the physical product. This ownership feel can gradually lead to higher conversion rates. Interactivity increases the sense of participation, which also enhances brand loyalty. It allows customization, which is a powerful tool along the consumer's journey. Personalization also helps in creating a beneficial relationship among customers and the company.

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Visualization of a successful interactive product is what allows the customers to experience products true-to-life. The intuitive user interface is a vital part of this experience. The effectiveness of the customer interface is molded in part by the browser, and the devices used to access the visualization. Incorporating this technology into sales and marketing strategy is essential for the business to ensure that customers can access it. The quality of the rendering itself is key to victorious interactive product visualization. Good storytelling coupled with incorporating product visualization about a product is an impressive way to make a positive impact on consumer experiences and buying decisions.

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Interactive product visualization's evolution will parallel technical developments in 3D rendering, Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR). The ultimate goal is to put consumers in realistic touch with products. AR and VR technologies are allowing customers to visualize the products itself with and also how it will impact the customer's daily lives.