Demand of Video Analytics Among Industries

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Demand of Video Analytics Among Industries

The implementation of artificial intelligence, deep learning, predictive analytics and wireless features like RFID is likely to increase the demand for video analytics among industries.

FREMONT, CA :For today's business and government agencies, video analytics technology has been a game-changer. It's a cutting-edge technology that uses deep learning to process digital video signals and uses a specialized algorithm to conduct security-related tasks.

Video analytics is a powerful security tool for vital infrastructures, allowing them to recognize impostors, monitor people or items, and detect behaviors. Video analytics and intelligent surveillance abilities have been revolutionized by artificial intelligence technologies, especially deep learning and predictive analytics.

The amount of data produced by video surveillance systems is undeniably massive. It's essential to be able to manage and process large amounts of data in a short amount of time using only human resources. Video analytics appears as a valuable asset, enhancing the context and value of video data produced in real-time.

Artificial Intelligence in Video Analytics

Artificial intelligence and deep learning offer automated solutions for assessing large amounts of data generated by videos, resulting in faster results. These tools can be used for facial recognition, allowing video analytics apps to look at facial data more efficiently and accurately. A video analysis system that has been trained on deep neural networks can imitate human behavior and use computer vision technology to recognize specific objects in an image.

Artificial intelligence (AI) in video analytics enables systems to interact with one another and make decisions to recognize and anticipate suspicious activities before they occur. Deep learning, a subset of AI, detects anomalies, increases accuracy, and comprehends video scenes for intelligent surveillance.

Video analytics is now used in various industries, like healthcare to guarantee patient safety, smart cities to control traffic, smart parking and city surveillance, retail to understand customers' behavior and preferences, and security.

Role of Predictive Analytics in Video Analytics

Recent advancements in video analytics, video management systems, and IP cameras have entailed the use of more efficient processing and advanced analytics. Predictive analytics allows for the effective identification of suspicious behavior in individuals and the triggering of alarms.

It allows for better analysis of the massive amounts of video data produced every day. Predictive analytics usually draws data from various systems, including monitoring, visitor management, event management, and others. It then compares the data to current behavioral models and evaluates them to estimate the probability of a similar event occurring in the future.