Delighting Today's Customers with Enhanced Customer Experience

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

New technologies are driving deeper customer engagement by eliminating barriers to interaction between customers and brands.

FREMONT, CA: Today’s customers have service expectations reshaped by advances in consumer technology. Offering smart service to engage customers can make a huge difference, not only by helping organizations to optimize operational performance but also in terms of freeing up customer time. The following technology advances can help build deep customer engagement.

•    Chatbots

Chatbots are considered the latest revolution in the business landscape. With them, businesses are better equipped to handle customer service functions. These virtual assistants pacify a customer’s demand for getting immediate service support from a brand. Chatbots are easy to deploy and can provide support via voice, mobile app, instant messaging, SMS, or website, improving customer satisfaction and experience with a business.

•    Big Data Analytics

With massive data inputs received through various activities, it becomes increasingly essential for brands to analyze this data and use it for delivering a better experience to end consumers. Big data analytics is significantly transforming the way brands interact with their customers. The technology helps a brand understand customers’ problems, aspirations, and expectations, which help in resolving the issue quicker and providing customized solutions.

•    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has taken the business landscape by storm, offering enormous potential benefits for business growth. With the help of AI-powered tools, businesses can pump up the business process automation and empower customer support conversations and enhancing decision-making abilities within organizations. It also helps humans to provide proactive and actionable responses to customers quickly, improving customer satisfaction.

•    Virtual Reality

VR is dramatically transforming the consumer experience landscape for modern businesses. It has the potential to completely alter the consumer experience by engaging customers in a better way, as the technology is designed to provide a complete sensory experience that captures the attention, and imagination, unlike any other technologies.

Together, these technologies support omnichannel customer experience that nurtures long-term relationships with customers and brands, driving significant increases in revenue.