Corporate Insight Releases a Digital Advisor

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Corporate Insight, the pioneer of competitive intelligence and customer experience research to the financial services industry, reported the launch of New Digital Advice Audit Service, their latest product for comprehensive standardizing of a company’s digital advice user experience which includes account-opening to securing customers’ web and mobile platforms. An in-depth evaluation of digital advice offering, revealing key competitive strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement is carried out for the client’s firm, by the new auditing service. 

Corporate Insight was instrumental in conducting a thorough survey from late 2008, covering 1,110 digital advice customers and interested proposals to provide a backbone to the digital advice audit. The survey incorporated all-inclusive data such as customers’ expectations, behaviors, preferences, satisfaction with their company’s services and performance. The data also congregated from prospective clients contained insights into parameters that helped create demand for the digital advice relationship. The key output of digital advice audit engagement, including the audit architecture and analysis, are derived from the survey conducted by Corporate Insight.   

Corporate Insights believes in the necessity of having a smooth digital experience, especially as the robo advice market becomes crowded and prices decline across the industry. Their system of audit benchmarking data predicts that innumerous robo advice provider websites will fail to meet expectations in the fields of goal planning and education. The mobile functionality—an important feature to approximately 72 percent of the digital advice consumers who participated in the survey—results to be frailer in the future than at present.  

Corporate Insight conveys that their research shows ample opportunity for digital advice providers to improve their online and mobile performances.  The digital advice audit presents solutions to firms, focuses on constructing a high-end service and competitive edge in continuum which ensures a permanent growth in the charts for the company. With an unbiased and precise auditing tool, the financial industry is all set to advance in the field of technology.