Companies Should Focus on Customer Privacy

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Summary: With data in abundance, there is a high chance that customers might be on the receiving end of data theft and misuse. Companies should be more careful on data handling and must provide provisions for their clientele's data security.

FREMONT, CA: Personalization is the pioneering trend that happened to humanity in terms of marketing. A consumer loves getting propositions on based on their choices. Marketers all over the globe have been preparing for the new trends of customization and personalization, where they can grab goods with just a click of their smartphones. Over the past year, several organizations have been in a state of a mad scramble to provide with the necessary customizations.

Sometimes customers have a mixed relationship regarding technology. They view privacy and personalization as a dichotomy―they can have either one or the other. Therefore, companies and organizations have been in constant turmoil about creating something specific without observing a customer's needs. The answer is that they cannot. What they devised is creating something personalized while making it less invasive to a customer's data.

Treating User Data with Respect:

1. Need for Data:

Some companies fall into the trap by thinking they should collect data as much as possible, which can cause many problems. The collection of information is just the initial step in a more extensive process of gathering, measurement, and analysis to make improved decisions. Sometimes data collection can be all about interviewing the customers by implementing patterns in communication.

2. Handling Data Appropriately:

The main issue here is that data processing, with the involvement of algorithms, can become very tricky to handle. If a store sells apparel and the algorithm only makes suggestions based on their size, color, and composition, then that is not an issue. If the algorithm is in a situation to impact the living, wellbeing, or disposition of someone's life, it becomes an immense issue. Therefore, organizations need to understand how data is processed to eliminate bias from the process.

3. Security of Data:

Any online business platform should be focusing on safeguarding online data. There is no single person in charge of making certain the company is treating user data with respect. 

4. Transparent Practices:

By maintaining an open approach about every aspect of the process, a company can build trust. Customers value the comfort offered by the modern age.  By being transparent, an enterprise ensures that its clientele also gets educated about what they are accepting when they use the services.

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