Cloud Computing Opens the Gates for Entertainment Innovations

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 02, 2019

A shift in technology and change in customer mindset is making cloud computing increasingly relevant in the entertainment industry. Broadcasters should quickly sign up for all the benefits.

FREMONT, CA: The entertainment industry is heading towards change, and many technologies are playing a role in driving these changes; One at the core of all the development is cloud computing. Cloud computing has many of the answers to the pertinent questions that the media and entertainment industry are facing. To stay ahead in a competitive market and deal with growing consumers demands, media companies can thrust upon a cloud-based approach.

These days, the public expects excellent content, which is globally relevant yet personalized. Best quality video streaming at affordable rates is gradually becoming the criterion that determines the quality of entertainment. In such a case, it is beneficial if the media industry moves to the cloud. Companies that made an early shift to the cloud are witnesses to the fact that the move accords many advantages.  

Clouds provide scalability and computing power — the focus on delivering personalized content and services mandates high computing capabilities. Management becomes much simpler with the flexibility that clouds offer. Broadcasters can incorporate agility and reduce the time pressures associated with the delivery market. The conventional servers can only do a fraction of what clouds can do.

With media houses making big investments and smaller ones creating the best quality content, the competition is an all-time high. Accordingly, the whole process is becoming pricey for the service providers. Cloud computing dramatically reduces prices by making everything streamlined. Companies can invest in clouds as per requirement and scale up whenever the necessity comes.

A wide variety of content that can be delivered to a host of devices requires dynamic delivery models. Cloud computing is essential for broadcasters to provide compatible content. The video-on-demand services are gaining momentum, and flexible clouds are offering broadcasters delivery models that are feasible. Another advantage of clouds is that the need to own IT resources is waning. Broadcasters can capture and stream live events without having to purchase the technical necessities if they are cloud-based.

Every aspect of production and distribution can get be shifted to cloud and make content creation for the entertainment industry very well managed and efficient.