CDN Security to Revolutionize the Media and Entertainment Industry

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, August 27, 2019

CDN Security to Revolutionize the Media and Entertainment Industry

Advanced security measures for content delivery network presents global enterprises with solutions for reliable and engaging customer experience.  

FREMONT, CA: Presently, securing the Content Delivery Network (CDN) is not only a need but also a priority for distributors and their websites. In the app-based world of internet, content providers can quickly reach their customers and deliver desired and demanded services through their extensive distributive network. The widespread manner of content delivery network highly needs secure systems and software connected and deployed in various data centers.

The content delivery network security software market covers the large section of global business, from top-level industries to the domestic platforms. The security software systems focus on the service delivery based on products, qualifications, market position, competition, and organization's income and profit. The industry of media, entertainment, and gaming highly demand a standard content delivery network to create a fast, reliable, and engaging customer experiences.

Implementing a CDN security software empowers the media and entertainment companies to secure the edge delivery of content and services while maintaining high-quality online experiences to consumers at any time, from anywhere. The advanced solutions provide end-to-end processing abilities, which eliminates the need for involving multiple security vendors at different levels. A highly secure network can make the media websites inaccessible by hackers, thereby, cyber threat-proofing them.

The ability to monitor and automatically block the requests helps the servers and data centers to identify legitimate requests. Implementing CDN security software optimizes the analytical processes of comprehensive data related to current organization growth pattern and help to predict the future market position. The rising level of internet security requires extra layers of protection. The latest solutions are designed to stop the attack from reaching the data centers and keeping the business website safe and sound.  

CDN security facilitates the improvement in account security on the website. The software infrastructure integrates well with the distributive architecture of CDN. The advanced solutions can optimize the delivery of content and handle the traffic, and the combination enables threat detection more efficiently and prevention. It allows the organization to smoothly coordinate and provide a holistic approach to stream content across different applications or platforms. The rapid emergence of cloud-based applications and processes have boosted the CDN security market. The increasing cloud-based services majorly contribute to the advancement of customer business model and typically raises the adoption of CDN security services by the distributers.

In the media and entertainment industry, the massive shift of viewership towards online channels have changed the distribution structure, which demands new strategies with highly secured CDN system to attract customers and build loyalty base. The rise in mobile data traffic for video content is predicted to reach 74 percent by 2024, which can boost the adoption of CDN security solutions for secured and seamless delivery.

The content delivery network security market is expected to grow by $4.337 billion by 2023. With the increase in advanced threats, cyber-attacks, and vulnerable thefts disrupts the businesses and organizations, and the multiplied level of security solutions offered by the latest CDN security software and applications help manage web security, endpoint security, network security, and data loss prevention. The fairly fragmented market offers a complete analysis of the market's competition and results with an analysis report to identify the opportunities and design innovative strategies in the market.

As, the media and entertainment industry generates experience-rich content, personalized to customer's demands across the globe, it has the highest share of the advantage from the CDN security market. Holding the importance of high demand for online video and live streaming applications, the CDN security level creates more opportunities for the technologies to contribute to expanding the market.