Can 5G Become the Fuel for Streaming Business?

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, November 04, 2019

Can 5G Become the Fuel for Streaming Business?

Deployment of 5G is helping the new age streaming companies to expedite business growth to maximize revenue growth.

FREMONT, CA: The growth of digital technology has led to the increase of streaming platforms with resilient options to access the content. With the arrival of 5G network connectivity, the M&E industry is expecting a new revolution in streaming and broadcasting business. 5G network is expected to bring several opportunities for the M&E industry to offer a broad range of content-providing channels at a tremendous speed. The enhanced download speeds and streaming quality of content support the content providers increase customer satisfaction. 5G improves consumer accessibility and experience with content streaming platforms while creating new revenue possibilities for streamers.

5G offers many facilities to enhance streaming quality, such as more rapid speed, stronger reliability, lower latency, and better mobility. The new network capabilities of 5G help M&E enterprises develop innovative business models with new channels to reach customers. This technology brings valuable transformation in content streaming services over cellular networks with exceptional user experience. With the help of 5G, streaming businesses build interactivity and new ways to captivate audiences on a large scale. 5G can efficiently increase connectivity and promote content sharing through streaming platforms.

5G speeds up video streaming and consumption and enables dynamic VR and AR experiences. The up-gradation in network connectivity supports the automobile industry to combine video streaming features with 5G and present AR and VR content streaming options to the moving vehicles. With exceptional network capacity, uniformity, and latency, future video streaming platforms provide high content steaming performance and customer satisfaction. 5G embracement allows streaming organizations to optimize on-device performance, cut down expenses of new schemes and offers for streaming packages, eradicate intermediaries to distribute high-quality content, and initiate a variety of subscription models.

As the prevalence of video, audio, or other entertaining content streaming expedites, the consumption of data also increases. To match the swiftly growing demand for the extensive coverage of a robust data network, 5G provides handling capabilities of the devices, mobiles, and other advanced equipment in a better manner. The future network facilities of uploading and downloading the content quicker than ever enables the streaming businesses to offer live content streaming options. With a better quality content that can be sent and received without delays, 5G can bring potential advantages to the content creators and distributors. 5G enables mobile application developers to achieve consumer satisfaction with in-event and in-transaction options on streaming platforms. The introduction of the 5G network improves the data volume and speed requirements of the already existing data architectures. Combining 5G networks with smart technologies can create contextual entities from multiple streams and enable service enhancement, data ingestion, and analyze new data obtained from different streaming actions and platforms.

5G network is all ready to bring revolution and notable impacts on the M&E industry. The network capabilities of 5G fuelling competency, the M&E industry is all set to adopt 5G offerings and advantages to achieve success and explore new business possibilities.

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