Automated Recommendations for Online Video Streaming

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Automated Recommendations for Online Video Streaming

Intelligent recommendation engines help media companies offer audience with high-quality tailor-made content.

FREMONT, CA: The media and entertainment industry has seen quite a few disruptions already. One of the most impactful of them is the emergence of online video streaming platforms. Visual content is no longer limited only to televisions and movies. Instead, it is available on-demand on the streaming websites which host a vibrant variety of content that has appeal and relevance for one and all. Artificial intelligence and related technologies have played a significant role in making these platforms feasible and successful. Personalized recommendations, through which these platforms function, are one of the key features that are backed by artificial intelligence.

A good customer experience mandates a useful set of recommendations. The higher the level of personalization goes, the better are the chances of meeting the expectations of the viewers. Although algorithms that detect relationships between contents and recommend them to viewers have been around, the real leap is the inclusion of artificial intelligence into the scheme of ideas. 

Artificial intelligence can provide real insights into audience expectations, thereby creating valuable recommendations. Data is a very important aspect of the use of artificial intelligence. The more the data company has the more effective and deep the insights it can get. Through personal data like gender, age, and location, companies can put together comprehensive identities of the individual user. Hence, companies do not have to recommend only based on previously watched content anymore.

While handling personal data of viewers, there is concern regarding privacy. However, it is possible to create secure ecosystems for valuable data. By integrating with social media channels, video streaming websites can gain inputs regarding customers as well. The social media accounts, when linked to the user, accounts on video platforms create better chances of new recommendations.

Artificial intelligence aided video recommendation engines are providing content producers with better opportunities to reach out to a niche audience. The audiences as well, are experiencing a new level of personalization that makes the watching experience worthwhile.