Augmented Reality Giving a Futuristic Makeover to the Entertainment Industry

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Characters in the movie could bulge out of the screen and walk into the living room! AR technology has a lot more to offer the entertainment industry in the coming days.

FREMONT, CA: The entertainment industry could see a complete makeover in a few years from now. Technology is going to be responsible for determining the future of the entertainment industry. One can expect the entertainment experience to change in many ways, ultimately becoming more interactive and immersive. Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology is altering the present reality of entertainment.

AR is capable of transforming media and entertainment by creating unique meeting points of reality and imagination. From bettering entertainment standards to enabling enhanced perceptions, AR can capture attention and give incredible viewing, listening, and reading experiences. Publishing seems to be an unlikely subject in AR, but that is not so. Newspapers and magazines can expect AR to make content more interactive, thereby giving readers much more than texts and images on pages of paper.  There are examples and many use cases where newspapers have successfully experimented with interactive advertisements, video demonstrations, and many such applications.

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The experience of watching television has undergone subtle changes throughout the decades. From antenna sets on rooftops to digital set-top boxes, a lot has come and gone. These days, the internet and smart televisions are ruling, and people have access to a lot of content. AR can define interactive television viewing experience and make the available content much better. The face of television entertainment will be revolutionized if AR enters everyday usage.

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The audio entertainment industry can vouch for many exciting developments with the help of AR. Although the applications are still mostly at experimental changes, some companies have introduced products like AR enables ear buds that allow a lot of customizations. Audio modification technology gives much better controls, and people can filter out real-world noises with its assistance. The music industry can leverage AR too. The concept of live concerts could be improved. Listening to music while AR provides the lyrics, add a better element.  The prospects for better entertainment are huge.