Augmented Reality explores the new possibilities for the Industrial World

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Augmented Reality leads the way toward the unexplored possibilities in reality technology.

FREMONT, CA: In this changing world, Augmented Reality (AR) plays a significant role in molding consumer thoughts and expectations. AR integrates the digital information with the user’s environment in real-time. AR is rapidly growing popular in our real world applications too. Surprisingly, regular industries like retail, repair & maintenance, medical, education, entertainment & gaming, tourism, and the list go on.   

In general terms, AR seems to be an exciting innovation for us. But technically, it combines a vast range of data collection, processing, and projects before us. Collection of data of the surrounding from cameras, sensors, or scanners helps to locate and generate a 3D model. The taken and processed data are projected onto a surface to view by the human eyes. Well, the projection is not the only way to deliver the result of processed data. The AR has different categories which vary according to the type of requirements. Superimposition based augmented reality gives either a partial view or fully replaces objects and superimposes new information instead. Projection-based augmented reality offers projecting lights into a real environment and allows humans to interact. AR such as marker-based and markerless augmented reality, are widely used in applications like a digital compass, GPs accelerometer, etc.

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AR has marked its presence deeply from the most common to the most advanced facilities. During medical training, AR applications are often equipped from MRI to complicated surgeries which allow doctors even to eliminate the use of traditional camera and probes. In educational sectors, AR provides the fun and immersive way of learning for students of all age. Its introduction to the educational industries helps the teachers to explain and raise the interest level among students by practical demonstrations. Many top industries are taking initiatives to execute the advanced applications of AR for a better and profitable outcome.  

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