Athletes' Multi-Media Library Taking Newer Forms

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Athletes' Multi-Media Library Taking Newer Forms

Leading software platform for professional sports is facilitating direct access of high-quality photographs to athletes for engaging with fans through their social media platform.

FREMONT, CA: The leading social media content delivery platform in sports, INFLCR, has collaborated with Reuters Sports Photography to expand athletes' multi-media library. This collaboration will enable teams and athletes direct access to high-quality photographs to enhance their social media content and ultimately increase their followers. This teaming up will also offer access to high-quality, award-winning pictures directly through the INFLCR appReuters Sports Photography covers sports globally ranging from cricket to basketball, and even esports. The organizations together are creating new customer channels for Reuters by streamlining how teams and athletes license photography from Reuters covered events.    

The collaboration has created many opportunities for athletes and storytellers globally to get personalized access to high-quality photography. INFLCR's technology platform continues to develop more opportunities to connect athletes with the best content sources to share their stories on social media. Reuters' global photography network will help expand the scope of INFLCR's services to more athletes than ever before. With athletes increasing their focus on building their own brands and directly engaging fans through social media platforms, Reuters' view athletes as potential customers who can benefit from this service.  

Influencer (INFLCR) is a SaaS-based platform for sports team properties for tracking, storing, and delivering their content beyond their influencer network of athletes, former athletes, coaches, media, and others. Athletes and other influencers can easily access their customized content in real-time through their INFLCR mobile app. Athletes can download and share precise content to their social media platforms. INFLCR was founded to empower athletes, coaches, and team brand representatives with the media content to engage teams' communities and build a stronger brand following.

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