Analytical Approach for Video Platform Delivering Customer-Centric Insights

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Analytical Approach for Video Platform Delivering Customer-Centric Insights

Integrating analytical features in Video Platform-as-a-Service sets unparallel flexibility for the video developers, creators, and enterprises.  

FREMONT, CA: Kaltura, a video technology provider company launches new video analytics. The newly launched platform includes granular data for viewing, engaging, and creating videos. The offered analytics gives a window platform for companies to engage their audiences with high-quality video streaming services.   

Kaltura's advanced video analytics platform allows the administrators to monitor the video popularity among the viewers. It offers a dashboard with a chart presenting the progression in user engagement in each video. The platform provides a full analytical view for identifying seasonality and trends over time. It employs user-level reports for monitoring video storage and bandwidth, and also displays live events on-demand, for both real-time as well as historical data. The technology is combined with IMS Global Caliper and xAPI open standards, which allow it to integrate with other necessary solutions like business intelligence, constituent relationship management, learning management, grading, and other analytics systems. The provided dashboard and reports can easily be accessed by distribution to campus stakeholders.

The latest video analytics offers administrators the tools to achieve their target of ensuring a perfect viewing experience. It delivers video values beyond simple playback by deeply filtering the data according to sources, geography, and technology and accesses a clear picture of audiences' preferences and the video content performance. The platform facilitates a high-level account overview, through categories, specific entry, and the individual viewer. Its capabilities of offering data highlights and daily insights on media engagement and usage help the organization to do a data-driven business-based operation, and technical decision-making. The unique engagement funnel allows the administrator to discover valuable assets of scoring and ranking. With the integration of IMS and xAPI, the analytics easily fed into Open LRS, Watershed LRS, and other open-standards-based on LRS.

Founded in 2006, Kaltura provides live and on-demand video SaaS solutions across the globe and engaging millions of viewers at home, work and schools. For the enterprises, the company offers a wide collection of video solutions for a different approach in training, collaboration, communication, marketing, and sales. Similarly, educational institutions gain benefits of video learning and teaching; the company also robust cloud TV-platform for next-generation TV services. Kaltura offers the most powerful and flexible video platform in the global market through open-source video development facility.