AI-enabled Programs to Enhance Information Accessibility

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Enterprises utilizing knowledge management solutions to seize, store, and retain knowledge for their customers and employees are confronted by limited capabilities of current offerings, such as intranets. The aforementioned systems lack intelligent search options and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and frequently have obsolete material. The integration of AI with knowledge management solutions can help employees find relevant information, get instant answers to questions, enhance real-time decision-making, and speed up response time to customers.

Intelligent Searches:

Companies generate information constantly from a variety of sources throughout the organization. Sales and marketing create propositions, content, customer and competitor insight, and presentation resources that need distribution. A lot of produced content is incredibly valuable for the project but also highly unstable in terms of its validity because documents quickly get outdated as information and processes change in the enterprise. Content gets obsolete quickly with the enlargement of the organization and copies, and versions of the documents make the originals difficult to track. AI and machine learning are reducing these challenges by making content more easily detectable, constantly versioned, and shareable.

Chat-based Knowledge Consumption:

AI-powered knowledge Chatbots are aiding organizations in better interpreting information by making interactions with knowledge bases more interactional. Earlier, if employees needed to find information about company policies, they needed to contact an HR representative. With the help of smart knowledge management tools linked through communication systems, employees can ask for a question and instantly collect the information.

A lot of companies have no collective discovery of information, and access to some content can be behind paywalls. NLP techniques can munch through and decipher nearly unlimited amounts of content without needing humans to do the work of categorization. The adoption of AI-enabled programs for knowledge management will help forward-thinking companies make their library of knowledge more accessible and their employees more productive.

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