AI in Action: What is Future for M&E Industry?

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The media and entertainment business is at the cusp of rapid transformation, with artificial intelligence taking center-stage across all its sub-sectors.

FREMONT, CA: Media and entertainment are the cornerstone of human culture. The M&E industry has been progressing at a radical pace these days. The increased use of digital technologies is helping media and entertainment firms efficiently handle their business. Among those technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is providing incredible value to firms. Know more here.

Deep learning deals with unstructured data making it ideal for the image, video, speech, and text analysis. Media houses do data analytics using various parameters using the customer data, including demographics, trends, and market scenarios, to list a few. Incorporating AI-based content improvements into the service offerings can enhance the customer experience. AI with machine learning and natural language processing turns user data into structured, meaningful information and puts them into a categorized database. This data enhances customer engagement and generates targeted content and higher monetization.

AI also helps in developing augmented and virtual reality content for gaming, movies, and events.  AI facilitates the creation of virtual reality sports events, leading to proactive engagement of the audience. AI is applied to movies to conduct visual analysis that tracks sentiments along with audio analysis of music and voice.  Besides, AI offers personalization, enriching the viewers' experience. It also facilitates improved ad targeting through ad insertions. 

There is no domain that has not benefited from the invasion of AI. The media and entertainment industry and all its sub-verticals are seeing a resurgence, thanks to valuable solutions powered by AI.