Advantages of Using AI-Based Video Analysis

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, February 11, 2021

Advantages of Using AI-Based Video Analysis

AI-based video analysis helps companies automatically identify and warn about different circumstances like the sudden emergence of smoke or fire. 

FREMONT, CA: Video analysis is also known as video content analysis or intelligent video analysis to calculate the number of individuals at a venue, identify license plate numbers, promote smart parking, facial recognition, and perform several other tasks. Artificial intelligence enables the entire process of video analysis, without any human involvement, to be performed automatically by computers. The method will automatically identify and warn about different circumstances like the sudden emergence of smoke or fire, a person violating traffic signals, a suspicious person acting in a public location, and more.

How Does AI Video Analysis Work?

Software or frameworks for AI video analytics are synchronized with devices for video recording or video monitoring, like CCTV cameras. The program collects video content from the computer and analyzes it to generate the desired results based on pre-defined algorithms. The app can even perform video analysis in two ways, either in real-time or after processing. With the help of image recognition, localization, object detection, object tracking, and object identification video analysis is conducted.

Use Cases of AI Video Analytics 

Healthcare– Used to ensure that physicians, patients, and visitors are healthy. To encourage adult or children's at-home supervision. Observing the facial expressions, body postures, and other habits to assess patients.

Transportation– In order to prevent jams and accidents, video analysis can assist in controlling traffic. To avoid collisions and other undesirable circumstances, AI video analytic software can detect hazardous situations in real-time. To count vehicles to make various traffic-related forecasts, video analysis can be used. By analyzing the video recorded using safety cameras, it can also be used for parking spot identification.

Retail- AI-enabled video analysis can help assess consumers' actions and other prominent characteristics that can boost sales and inventory management.

Security- In facial recognition, crowd control, recognizing movement in prohibited or restricted areas, AI-based video analysis can help.

In addition to these sectors, AI video analytics can also be used in other industries, like manufacturing, for tracking product manufacturing, machinery operations, and other purposes. It can also detect face masks, monitor intelligent access, authenticate drivers, access smart home devices, and other activities.

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