A New Approach to Video Advertising in 2022

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, September 22, 2022

Increasing video content quality and budget growth require companies to give their best shot.

FREMONT, CA: Seventy-eight percent of Internet users watch at least one online video per week, while 55 percent watch at least one video per day. Video advertising is essential for business expansion because over 50 percent of consumers are more interested in video content this year.

Watching videos occupies most Internet users' time online. Video content influences their behavior and many commercial decisions, including visiting a website, providing their email address to a brand, and purchasing a product.

Companies must exert maximum effort to elevate their video content and achieve budget growth. It is essential to have a well-planned video monetization solution to reach and attract the appropriate audience. The following facts will encourage marketers to launch their campaigns as soon as possible.

A picture is worth a thousand words

People are creatures of sight who would rather watch a video than read a text. Many people find video content to be more informative and appealing. After viewing a video advertisement, Internet users are more likely to purchase the advertised product or service.

In advertising, most potential customers prefer concise video advertisements to written ads or blog posts. Play the game well by delivering what the audience desires. Communicate messages through various video ad formats, such as product reviews, expert interviews, vlogs, etc.

B2B and Video Ads: A Heaven-sent Combination

B2B marketing offers more video advertising opportunities than B2C sales, which involve video content centered on a particular product or service. Research indicates that B2B marketers have achieved exceptional results with their demonstration videos, tutorial videos, and customer testimonials.

There is a reason why video advertisements are so successful. If they are engaging and informative, they could have a positive effect on marketing return on investment. The team must be creative to present the information marketers wish to convey to their audience in an appealing, engaging, and easily digestible way.

Like B2C sales, high-quality video content enhances the overall buyer experience. Seventy percent of B2B marketers have found their video advertising campaign more effective than other content at attracting new customers and generating qualified leads.

Video is Effective in All Marketing Channels

The ROI contribution of video advertising will not be limited to ads and landing pages. In addition to enhancing the appearance of email and social media marketing campaigns, video advertisements also improve their effectiveness.