4 Ways M&E Firms can Augment Cybersecurity Strategies

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, November 08, 2019

4 Ways M&E Firms can Augment Cybersecurity Strategies

The media and entertainment industry is enhancing its security strategies to fight against cybercriminals with significant expertise.

FREMONT, CA: With businesses moving online, cybercriminals are following them as well. Media and Entertainment (M&E) is no exception to this. Traditional strategies that companies followed have lost their relevance, making systems more vulnerable to malicious attacks. This, in turn, could damage the business permanently. Now is the time for businesses to wake up and invest in learning about cybersecurity strategies. The following steps will help the media organizations to enhance their security strategy, resulting in more confidence about mitigating current and arising threats.

• Prioritizing Assets for M&E

The effect of each asset is specific for media and entertainment companies. Not prioritizing assets and events might result in reputational and economical damage to the company. Given that, businesses need to consider their assets and how they affect their business individually if cybercrimes do happen.

• Questioning External Parties

M&E companies must make it a tradition to ask their third party providers the hard questions about security. Also, following up with regular audits of security measures should be prioritized. Businesses should enforce their digital policies via service-level agreements and contract clauses.

• Organizational Safety Measures

Safety measures of a company should span multiple levels, such as networks and information technology, to prevent a denial of service attack and even on applications to avoid account breaches. It is a smart move to consider the human factor to prevent employees from revealing sensitive and proprietary data. M&E companies should continuously monitor assets in real-time to recognize threats.

• An approach towards an Incident Response Plan

An incident response plan is a technological approach and also a step that involves different teams and processes. In the case of a cyberattack on the organization, there should be an excellent, detailed, and well-rehearsed plan to respond quickly.

In order to avoid becoming the next breaking news concerning data theft or privacy breach, M&E companies need to understand the cybersecurity aspect thoroughly. An understanding of the risks will help organizations take adequate measures and defend themselves against emerging threats.

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