4 Tips to Identify an Apt Digital Asset Management Systems

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, October 16, 2020

4 Tips to Identify an Apt Digital Asset Management Systems

Many companies have recognized the need for a cost-effective way to manage the process with the rising demand for content velocity and the sheer amount of digital assets being created, from images to video and audio files. This is where the digital asset management (DAM) system steps in.

Fremont, CA: A process for storing, organizing, and retrieving rich media and managing digital rights and permissions DAM solutions are of various types from cloud-hosted to on-premises. The fundamental goal is to store digital assets in ways that will be secure, accessible, and efficient. In many cases, the DAM system brings together multiple silos of data, among other systems, into one centralized platform. Having a centralized system in place provides more efficient workflows and saves a lot of time as well. The DAM solutions store everything in the cloud, making the assets accessible around the clock from any part of the world.

A DAM system can provide massive benefits to organizations, but the marketplace is huge, hence here are some tips that will help to evaluate the options. 

Integration is Important - If the DAM solution is to act as a centralized hub for the digital assets, it requires the ability to integrate with the existing systems, so that all the valuable digital assets are stored securely in one place. 

Review Existing Processes – It is imperative to audit the workflows and systems, suggested identifying the needs and requirements before the selection of a DAM tool. This will provide a better idea of what to look for from support file types to use metadata and operating system support.

Ensure the Platform Is Secure - The encrypted security of DAM must be ensured if the organizations want to look for specific security practices like strong authentication and multi-factor security to ensure only authorized users can access the data.

Consider Pricing Options – Taking pricing options into consideration is suggested to investigate the pricing policy, and how the price can change when a new user or more used space is added. Usually, the costs of DAM systems can rise dramatically with the increase in users or data usage, so it's essential to consider the platform's cost as organizations grow before a decision is made.

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