4 Technology Drifts up-scaling Talent Pipeline

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, July 15, 2019

Media and entertainment industry has taken over all the other sectors, and technology is helping the industry grow tall everyday.

FREMONT, CA: The development of current and emerging technology has influenced society in the way everybody interacts, work, learn, and function. As technology becomes smarter, opportunities for rapid technological advancements are becoming seemingly endless, but so are their ethical implications. Technology is being more "eruptive" than disruptive; especially when it comes to increasing the talent pipeline. Technology is erupting new business models, innovative content creation methods, distribution channels, and even consumption platforms. Technology in media and entertainment are impacting today's talent pipeline in many ways.

•  Content Creation

Content is an essential part of an overall marketing strategy. Cameras and film technology play a huge role to execute good content. Cameras are in miniature form nowadays and can fit in the palm of your hand if required.

•  Advertising

Ads are cropped down to 10 seconds from 30 seconds now. Buying patterns are as well moving, which enables programmers to charge a higher price. At the same time, they create more dynamic buying platform for marketers, who may want to jump in on an opportunity with a new product at the last minute.

•  Content Distribution

Broadcast operations centers can move from analog to digital delivery systems, taking down the number of weeks to update spots and distributing content out. It has enabled them to man broadcast ops to one central location by leveraging web-enabled technologies.

•  Multi-Platform Distribution

Programmers have to consider being able to shoot content that will be accessible on various devices and platforms that all have different coded protocols and software. Technology has accelerated the method of creating and distributing content on multiple platforms. Being quick, flexible, and agile is what the industry needs right now.

Disruptive technologies have created an eruption of new opportunities that if leveraged the right way, can create exciting new changes for leading media organizations across the board. Eruptive technologies will bring many positive changes in terms of the content viewing experiences down the road.