3 Things a Live-Streaming Platform Must Have

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 13, 2019

3 Things a Live-Streaming Platform Must Have

The competition in streaming is stiff, and to stay ahead in the race, live-streaming platforms need to include features and tools that can generate more use cases.

FREMONT, CA: The popularity of a live-streaming service depends directly on the content it offers. By increasing the quality and value of the content, streaming platforms can fetch unmatched success for the streamers. Technology-backed tools that equip content creators to create, produce, and analyze better are essential for enhancing content development. Thus, the secret to success for live-streaming platforms lies in the tools that they offer to streamers for building an audience. Some of the useful tools every live-streaming platform should include in its portfolio are listed below.

• Analytics tools to Assess Performance

Analytics tools carry a lot of value for content creators that stream themselves live using streaming platforms. Using analytics tools gives streamers the power to assess their performance thoroughly. Several live-streaming channels now offer analytics tools that process viewing data to generate insights. These analyses often consider key viewership metrics and give streamers detailed reports regarding the number of views, and likes, new followers, ranking, and reach.

• Filter for Appealing Visuals

Streaming platforms that offer visual filters attract more streamers and, subsequently, more viewers. Filters help streamers enhance their appearance and present themselves more confidently, resulting in better and more engaging content. Airbrushing, blemish removal, animated stickers, and brightness control tools are especially popular among streamers.

• Mediums for Collaborations

Live-streaming platforms host a huge number of streamers. To help streamers more audience, streaming services should provide collaboration tools. When creators can collaborate easily, exclusive audience segments come together, assisting streamers in gaining new followers. Screen-sharing, interactive games, and raiding are some features that are making collaborations interesting and rewarding. Apart from collaborations between streamers, streaming solutions should also promote collaboration between streamers and their followers. Private chats and live interaction sessions can be especially rewarding.

Incorporating the above tools into live-streaming apps and platforms allows streaming service providers to create wholesome experiences for streamers and immersive entertainment for viewers.

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