3 Social Media Strategies to Boost Customer Loyalty

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 28, 2019

Social media offers a useful platform to the brands that are striving to build customer loyalty.

FREMONT, CA: Consumers have unprecedented number of choices when it comes to things they need to buy, and yet 90 percent still consider themselves as brand-loyal. In the past, loyalty was directly associated to the quality of a product or service. While that still proves true in various cases, a loyal customer today demands something more in return. Currently, brand loyalty can be garnered through smart social media engagement. So how exactly do marketers cultivate loyalty through social media?

Loyalty through an Elite Customer List

Defining a red carpet for customers might seem like an over-the-top idea for brands. Creating a VIP program with suitable customers can help increase brand awareness. It also means that such privileged customers are extremely important to the brand. Instead of eyeing VIP customers as a means of simple sales amplification, brands can ask them to pose as a guest on social media platforms or to share their experience across all networks. Reward programs are also an effective means for a brand looking to keep the best customers loyal and returning.

Meaningful Engagements

Brand loyalty begins with a conversation, and social media offers a perfect platform for the same. For brands, engaging customers through social media chats is an efficient way to build brand loyalty. With this, brands can connect with peers, people, and many others. Through chats in the customer community, brands should use new topics based on customer interests or current events. When brands introduce thoughtful and engaging topics in the community chat centers, the customer will use the chance to express their opinions. Brands can also actively engage in the conversation, enabling them to cultivate a real and impactful relationship with the customers.

Social Media Reviews

Modern consumers rely on online reviews to make purchasing decisions. Social media are also being used by many as a means of obtaining review. Social media enables the consumers to find information about a brand. Moreover, a bad experience shared on social media can significantly impact the brand image of a company and can also prevent customers from purchasing other products of the brand as well. Thus, it’s important to take social media reviews seriously. Trying to get the best customers to showcase their experience with the brand can significantly enhance the brand image as well as business. Offering customers an easy way to read and post their thoughts can boost brand loyalty and portray the business in a positive light.

Loyal customers are not just concerned with a brand’s product. They are interested in the overall impact the brand is making. Thus, brands need to come up with unique ideas that are in line with the experience expected by the customer. Brands have to develop loyal tribes who will go above and beyond for the brand. Social media also enable brands to understand customers better and streamline marketing strategies to get customers involved. Thus, the utilization of social media can mark the difference between a customer and a loyal customer.