3 Predictions of the Technology-Fueled Future of the Media Industry

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 02, 2019

The right dose of the right technology at the right time is sure to keep the entertainment industry on the peak of development. Exciting applications are about to change experiences forever.

FREMONT, CA: Keeping a tab on changing media and entertainment landscape is tricky. Technologies have reinvented many experiences for consumers as well as service providers. People have moved from cable television to subscription models, and broadcasters have moved from traditional servers to cloud servers. The few technologies that will pillar the changes in the near future include artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and augmented and virtual reality. Read on!

Artificial Intelligence

There are countless applications of artificial intelligence in a variety of industries. In the case of the entertainment industry as well, it is poised to do well in bringing about many welcome changes to the entertainment experience for users and functional efficiency for service providers. The contribution AI is making currently and the ones it will make in the future can add a lot of value to the content. AI bots can analyze data and recommend content topics for production houses and publishing companies.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

Although the applications of AR and VR technology to the entertainment industry are limited at the moment, one can predict that it will be the next big step that the industry will take. The prospects of the use of AR and VR look promising if one considers the experimental applications of the technology. Immersive and interactive, these are the twin technologies that can take entertainment to its engaging best. The blurring line between reality and imagination can create new opportunities for creativity in content. The advertisement Industry stands to gain a lot from innovative strategies making use of AR and VR.


Unlike artificial intelligence, blockchain technology hasn’t yet found a lot of mainstream application. In the entertainment industry, blockchain has the potential to transform. Due to the features of blockchain, the industry can bring in a lot of transparency through a decentralized system where everyone from the creators to the producers can function well and eliminate the unnecessary middlemen. 

Digitalization has spanned industries and technologies are creating efficient and functional workflows. If the entertainment industry goes on as per the predictions, everyone can expect better services.