3 Must-Have Features of a Live Video Streaming Website

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 04, 2020

3 Must-Have Features of a Live Video Streaming Website

Incorporating the right set of features on the website is the precursor to the guaranteed success of live video streaming.

FREMONT, CA: Live video streaming has captured the imagination of viewers today. This has made media companies restructure their platforms and content in favor of live streaming. While some companies have cracked the code to build good websites for delivering content through live streaming, many others have found the task challenging. Understanding accurately the technical, as well as the functional requirements of a live streaming platform, could be the key to creating optimized websites. Certain features can be inducted into the platform, and some of them are enlisted.

Keeping the Customization Options Open

The opportunity for customization is vital for every live streaming platform. Introducing changes in the interface should be easy and quick. By ensuring a certain degree of flexibility while building the platform, media companies can easily tick the box for customization options. White label solutions are central for live streaming platforms because these solutions do not subject video streaming websites to any kind of branding. This helps keep a check on the number of viewers who leave in the middle of watching a video.

Ensuring Strategic Branding

Strategic branding is key to the success and popularity of online live streaming platforms. When broadcasters are able to incorporate their logos onto the video player and the live streams, it is possible to have a competitive edge. The website should be easily recognizable with the brand, and the controls on the platform should be unique yet identifiable. The use of APIs and SDKs can empower any media company to achieve these capabilities on their live streaming platforms.

Embedding Streams in the Website

Embedding live streams in the website promotes authenticity of broadcasts. Therefore, live streaming platforms should enable the options of embedding streams anywhere in the website with the help of embed codes. These codes can subsequently be modified to manage attributes of the streamed content.

The scope of raking high in revenue generation through live streaming are many. The right approach and a holistic live streaming platform can set the ball rolling in favor of live-streaming broadcasters.

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