3 Means to Secure Video Platforms

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, June 15, 2020

3 Means to Secure Video Platforms

Amidst a cutthroat competition, it is essential for the brands to ensure the security of their video platforms.

FREMONT, CA: With advancements in technology and an increased interconnectedness, businesses are under constant threat of possible security hacks. The trend is no different in the case of video platforms, either. It is essential to have a video content security capability when the video is a part of a firm’s strategy. Further, a secure online environment is essential to propel growth in any business space. There are certain measures or best practices that can enhance the safety capabilities of an online video platform. Below are the details on the same.

Password Security

Password protection is one of the most fundamental measures when it comes to securing online video platforms. Password protection features enable the users to set a password, thereby blocking the video content for others. Such capabilities can be used within a small organization or business. It can also be used by the businesses to privately share a video before the video has to be made public.

Domain and Geographic Restriction

Users can protect their online video content on two fronts: the first one is a domain restriction that can be used to restrict the domains on which the video can be played. Users and businesses can leverage this feature to limit the operations of the video file to some selected sites. The second front enables geographical restriction that utilizes IP addresses to whitelist some countries. Like domain restriction, geographical restriction enables users to restrict their videos to certain countries.

Payment Security

Payment security is especially crucial for users who are trying to monetize their live streams and online videos. Without strong security payment measures, businesses can lose customers due to mixed-content warnings. In the worst scenarios, a brand may have to deal with legal proceedings as well.  

Security is an essential aspect of online video platforms. Brands that wish to profit in the world of video content seamlessly must safeguard their video channels from vulnerabilities and attacks.

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