3 Functionalities of AV technologies in eSports

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, November 29, 2019

3 Functionalities of AV technologies in eSports

AV technologies are on their way to boost eSports experiences for gaming enthusiasts.

FREMONT, CA:  The evolution of the sports and entertainment industries hinges on technological advancements. The growth of the eSports business is a great example of how technology determines trends even in the gaming realm. Audiovisual (AV) technologies are a necessity when it comes to eSports. User involvement in eSports banks on audiovisuals to a significant extent. From producing engaging visuals to composing the venue of the eSports matches, AV has been at the core. It can be said that eSports was formulated with AV as its center. The following list mentions the current AV applications in the eSports.

• Preparing the Arena

The eSports spaces need to be decorated in a relevant way. From merchandise to banners, everything plays a vital function in getting the sporting venue ready for the audiences. Organizers understand that devoted fans are attentive towards how the site has been designed. AV technologies are crucial for the electronic posters and the advanced display equipment installed in the arenas. Themes and characters are installed with the help of interactive displays backed by modern AV capabilities.

• Streaming the Games Live

Live streaming a game event necessitates sophisticated AV gear. The best way to entice viewers in eSports is by rendering high-resolution live streams that display every detail in real-time while allowing viewers to experience the game as if they were a part of the virtual game. Audio also adds quality to live streaming, making the experience highly immersive for the viewers.

• Getting Viewers to Participate

Today, AV facilitates audience participation in eSports with the help of various interactive features. Besides the multiple angle cameras that give viewers a complete view of the stage,  apps that allow viewers to become a virtual part of the game are also available today. 

eSports, as a form of entertainment, benefits massively from AV technologies.