3 Features CIOs Must Consider Before Adopting OVP

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 04, 2019

3 Features CIOs Must Consider Before Adopting OVP

CIOs realize the need to adopt standard online video platforms, which can streamline the hosting, managing, and delivering online videos across their video publication companies.

FREMONT, CA: CIOs from the media industry understand the need to upgrade the legacy techniques and applications to publishing videos and achieving customers’ high-tech demands. With the arrival of numerous options to access videos through different online platforms, the competition among online video service providers has increased. CIOs look for advanced Online Video Platform (OVP) that can streamline the video publishing processes by driving customer-based business infrastructure across their organizations. There are various features and functionalities of the OVP, which CIOs need to ensure before investing.   

• Video Encodes

Today, it has become highly essential for an OVP to provide numerous video formats to the viewers. Online video platforms with multi-bitrate and adaptive streaming feature automatically stream the best possible version for each viewer’s device and internet connection. CIOs’ initiative to invest in such OVPs can increase both the customer reach and business revenue.

• Video Streaming Security

Modernization has not only improved the ways of making, distributing, and accessing videos but also increased the threat of content piracy. The biggest concern of video producers and publishers is increasing video piracy, hacking, and digital attacks. CIOs must ensure the video protection and security standards of online video platforms before adoption. A highly-secured OVP can direct all the revenue profits and video credits while avoiding any possibility of piracy.

• Content Delivery Network

Choosing an OVP that can ease the monitoring of video distribution and delivery processes is necessary. CIOs can look for OVPs that carries a standardized Content Delivery Network (CDN) feature. The availability of this feature can guarantee faster video delivery and notifications on the issue of firewall blocks. A CDN-integrated OPV can reach global viewers seamlessly through the closest server to the viewers' device

Modern CIOs also focus on the availability of connective and communication facilities in OVPs. These facilities help the video publishers take feedbacks from their viewers and improvise their services more. CIOs look for OVPs with all-around services that can simplify the video publishing methods while matching the publication quality according to the market trend and customer demands.

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