3 DAM Solutions for Game Publishers

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Friday, October 25, 2019

3 DAM Solutions for Game Publishers

Digital asset management platforms offer strategic solutions to game publishers for game-based content distribution and asset protection.  

FREMONT, CA: Evolving digital trends bring revolutionary outcomes in the world of digital gaming. From field and board games, the changing era has witnessed the continuous expansion of games to TVs, computers, and even specific screens for official gaming tournaments. The gaming and media sectors are growing parallelly, influenced by the high standard entertainment demands of their modern customers. The rapid growth in the global market encourages game providers to optimize their offerings into compact and handy digital ways. Innovative communication and interactive facilities are among those trends, which widen the options of personalization in online or digital games. And AR and VR are transforming gaming sets while generating next-level gaming platforms.  

With the numerous gaming solutions and platforms, gaming business professionals experience rapid business popularity and revenue growth. The evolving digital media landscape introduces the gaming sector with a new business model, game-as-a-service. The advanced business model helps the game developers offer live streaming tools, various gaming channels and communities, and customized features of gaming platforms. Followed by the massive shift and growth in demographics, game developers provide multiple channels and applications to access games through mobile and other connected devices. Today, the game studios and publishers understand the need for effective digital asset management platforms in their entire system. The innovative platform can manage the lack of storage for rapid data generation, support social-media gaming-content strategy, and protect the gaming-content from online platforms’ vulnerability.

1. Storage Solutions For Gaming Content

In recent years, the game publishers prefer digital promotional tactics, such as releasing video teasers and trailers before the games’ launch. The game publishers promote their games in numerous ways like social media ads, live streaming game-related activities, sponsorships, and industry conferences. The digital asset management platforms help the game publishers centralize their content and effectively organize the relevant content for distribution across multiple channels, minimizing the fuss and errors. The video game markets take advantage of the advanced digital platforms to share their digital gaming assets across their organizations in simpler and quicker ways.    

2. Uninterrupted Performance on Social Media Platforms

Today, social media community-based gaming and live-streamed games are gaining popularity and massively attract the attention of new gamers. The successful growth of live-streaming social media platforms contributes to building a secure customer database, allowing the game providers to offer personalized digital game products and solutions. The digital asset management platforms help the game developers create numerous channels that can instantly access game data and frame it to drive gamers’ engagement. The digital asset management can also provide virtual space to the players, helping them manage their digital gaming accounts from different devices. The multi-faceted nature of the advanced platform proves to be a perfect fit in social media strategies for gaming content. Digital asset management platforms help game providers and organizations manage multiple active gaming accounts simultaneously, which enable collaborative gaming tournaments.  

3. Digital Gaming Asset Protection

Common platform for multiple users and gamers and the ability to play together regardless of different user locations can often raise concerns about data privacy. The digital vulnerability to cyber-threats and online hackers tends to limit the options for game developers for expanding the flexibility of gaming interfaces and experiences. Digital asset management platforms help the game providers and organizations precisely monitor their distribution channels and track the users’ activity at every step. The highly monitored and controlled digital gaming assets provide accurate reports of asset performance and activity, avoiding any loophole for content leakage. The secure distributive channels develop organized business systems for game publishers, where they can gain deserved revenue and provide satisfactory gaming experience through digital platforms. 

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The combination of trends and innovations navigate the game providers and organizations to the future of digital media infrastructure. Powered by technology like highly functioning mobile devices, increasing network bandwidth, low-cost high performing processors, and more allow the digital assets to contribute to marketing and business campaigns for reaching the target audience in the specific forum. Digital asset management platforms enable distributive variations with high security that helps the new age game providers and organizers manage every campaign with full control, flexibility, and portability.

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