3 Considerations for Choosing the Right Streaming Server

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 24, 2020

3 Considerations for Choosing the Right Streaming Server

A better understanding of all the available options is essential to pick the most suitable streaming server.

FREMONT, CA: With the spotlight on streaming services, the media and entertainment industry is trying to upgrade technology and infrastructure. Video streaming server software is one of the most vital components of any media company’s streaming strategy. Thus, taking all relevant aspects into consideration and asking the right questions is essential in the process of opting for an effective and appropriate streaming server. As a system that delivers streaming content to the viewer at the other end, servers need to satisfy certain crucial criteria, apart from offering additional features and special configurations. Three important considerations in choosing streaming server software are listed and discussed in brief below.  

• Availability of Expertise

If a media company is opting for in-house streaming server facilities, it must first evaluate whether the technical capabilities of its workforce are up to the mark. Establishing a system and maintaining it is a complex task, and media companies need to have experts to handle the operations. In the age of security vulnerabilities, even a small chink in the server can result in cyberattacks, disrupting streaming services. However, opting for a service-based approach for streaming servers reduces the need for in-house expertise and also minimizes investment in acquiring and maintaining hardware. 

• Opportunities for Scaling Up

The unprecedented growth for streaming service is poised to continue. This would necessitate an increase in server capacity. Therefore, in choosing a streaming server strategy, media companies need to consider flexibility and scalability criteria. Be it an in-house solution or a cloud-based one, having scale-up options will enable companies to enhance server capacity whenever the need arises.

• Quality Metrics

Viewers today expect high-quality video streams. The streaming server has a role to play in enabling the delivery of good quality streaming content. Besides, latency and buffering are also important factors that a streaming server network can impact. Thus, in choosing a system, companies must test these aspects.

While some companies prefer the flexibility of SaaS-based servers, others prefer the security of an on-premise system. Despite these differences, streaming providers should consider all their options from the perspective of the above-mentioned criteria to get the best returns on investment.

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