3 Applications of Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, October 12, 2020

3 Applications of Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Real-time streaming analytics enables providers to analyze massive data sets and extract actionable insights in real-time. 

FREMONT, CA: In the past few years, we have experienced an exponential rise in the streaming platform across the industry verticals. Despite such a growth in the popularity of streaming platforms, brands have been unable to offer streamlined services to the viewers. Real-time streaming analytics is a significant advancement in this regard. Real-time streaming makes it simpler to determine and understand what’s working and what isn’t.  

Recent advancements in technology and analytics enable the service providers to capture any data attribute and trigger decisions based on insights gained from the analytics of those data sets. 3 ways in which firms are utilizing insights from real-time streaming analytics are here. 

Managing Location Data

Maintenance and processing of location-based data is an essential aspect of streaming. Viewers residing in a certain geographical location are inclined towards a specific type of content. The inclusion of alternative data such as news and social media can enable the real-time analytics solution to refine further the content that is intended to be served in a particular region. 

Enabling Real-Time Personalization

With a rise in the number of streaming service providers, the battle for viewer attention is fiercer than ever. Offering real-time personalization experience to the viewers can help the enterprises immensely. Real-time streaming analytics can enable streaming companies to respond immediately as per the customers’ expectations. Such a capability will enable streamers to outperform their peers.

Detection of Real-Time Anomalies and Frauds

Disruption in streaming services can significantly impact the viewer experience. Thus, it’s essential for firms to identify anomalies as well as security breaches in real-time. Timely detection of streaming glitches enables the streaming providers to address the issues proactively. Thus, such a capability holds immense business value for the streaming firms.

Real-time analytics offers a gateway for streaming firms to enhance their services. Early incorporators of the capability will have a certain edge in the industry. 

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