3 Advanced Animation Trends Boosting the Entertainment Industry

By Media Entertainment Tech Outlook | Monday, January 20, 2020

3 Advanced Animation Trends Boosting the Entertainment Industry

Enhanced animation techniques are all set to boost media and entertainment business across the global market and create high competition levels for the creative world.  

FREMONT, CA: Advancement in technology has brought massive transformation across the media and entertainment industry. One of the primarily influenced segments is animation, which also contributes to increasing the revenue for media professionals. Technologies like Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented Reality (AR), clouds, and AI have created next-generation opportunities to animation artists or creates to attract more viewers across the globe. Let’s explore the technologies that influence animators to create a different world of entertainment.

• Glitch Effects 

Referenced from the past era, the glitch effect proves to be a vibrant technique to create energetic animations. This kind of animation designing strategy helps the animators improve picture quality and noise for a persistent visual malformation. The malformation gives the elements a natural look and makes it more appealing to the viewers.

• Liquid Motion

Improving the 3D animation, liquid motion is playing a significant role in making smooth frame transition and enhance screen presence. This technique is widely used by animators to create more natural visual effects by providing each element of the content to attain free flow energy.


Animation creators prefer morphing to develop storytelling patterns smoothly. Over the past few years, the advantage of morphing to easily shape transition from one concept to another under the same graphics has made it a popular choice of creative teams. 

More such technologies help the creative industry to standardize the visual impacts of animations and expand the customer base. With the advantage of numerous technologies, animation business is expected to increase the revenue of the media and entertainment sector in the coming years. Creative professionals need to harness these brilliant innovations and continue to look for beneficial options for animation business growth.

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