Easy-Ware Art House Cinema Solutions: CRMs for Innovative Movie Theater Revenue Streams

Charlie Frankel, Founder, and President of Easy-Ware, Easy-Ware Art House Cinema SolutionsCharlie Frankel, Founder, and President of Easy-Ware
Movie theaters have shown positive signs of revival but are yet to achieve revenues similar to before the COVID-19 pandemic. This has prompted cinema houses to adopt new strategies to generate income. Stakeholders realize that incorporating change requires expert help from a trusted partner— someone capable of tackling the challenges that may arise during difficult times. That is where Easy-Ware shines.

During the pandemic, Easy-Ware’s Art House Cinema Solutions assisted firms in implementing online concession sales, ticketing for streamed content, social distancing seating, vaccination tracking, and pop-up safety messages. As the world returns to normalcy, Art House Cinema Solutions can help movie theatres and film festivals modernize and streamline revenue-generating activities with their comprehensive CRM solutions.

The comprehensive CRM solutions improve long-term viability and staff efficiency for theaters by providing fully integrated concession POS, ticketing, screen scheduling, marketing, fundraising, and membership. Working closely with its stakeholders, including commercial and non-profit movie theatres, and film festivals, it designs each solution according to their requirements and integrates it into the CRM.

Attracting patrons and developing a lasting relationship with them is crucial to generating revenue for film festivals, cinema houses, and non-profit movie theatres. With built-in film festival support and customizable loyalty programs in its CRM solution, cinemas and film festivals can entice patrons with rewards. Its powerful fundraising capabilities are available for nonprofit movie theatres to manage grant applications, donations, recurring giving, gala ticket sales, and sponsorships.
Multiplexes and cinema houses can provide a personalized ticket purchasing experience in their mobile-friendly interface by employing metrics reports and analytics on the genre preferences of their patrons. As a result of the company’s collaboration with The Boxoffice Company, cinemas can now widely publish their schedules in newspapers and appear in internet searches, with live connections back to the cinema house’s website to purchase tickets. Linked to their home page, movie theatres benefit from connecting with their patrons directly, rather than through a third party.

“Our customer service is the best in the business. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they take full advantage of all our CRM’s capabilities like our reporting, targeting, and loyalty features, and we make it our mission to help them grow their businesses,” says Charlie Frankel, President, and Founder of Easy-Ware.

Its professional staff, with years of experience working in movie theatres and at fundraising events, helps the clients by recommending best practices and ideas for problem solving. Through prompt responses to inquiries, they assist commercial and non-profit cinema houses in troubleshooting issues regarding any aspect of their operations, such as ticketing, marketing, and fundraising.

Our customer service is the best in the business. We work closely with our customers to ensure that they take full advantage of all our CRM’ scapabilities like our reporting, targeting, and loyalty features, and we make it our mission to help them grow their businesses

Frankel recalls how the company helped The Texas Theatre upgrade its bar revenue tracking. The theatre attracts customers and generates additional income with its in-house bar. Due to their prior ticketing solution’s limited capabilities, the theatre could not monitor all of its generated revenue. Easy-Ware worked closely with Texas Theatre to develop a comprehensive bar management system that keeps track of bartender tips, tabs, and alcohol consumption which was integrated into its POS Ticketing module. The new solution with its ability to safely open and close tabs has helped generate additional bar revenue for the theatre. This bar management solution is one example of how Art House Cinema Solutions stays steps ahead of its competitors.

The movie and video distribution sector are the first to be impacted by shifting market conditions. To generate revenue, they must adapt to new business strategies while providing their patrons with the best experience possible. Easy-Ware’s Art House Cinema Solutions has always responded to the evolving business climate by offering its customized, easy-to-use CRM system. From personalized ticket purchasing experience and vaccination tracking systems to bar management, the company integrates these solutions into its CRM, assisting its customers in modernizing their revenue generating activities, achieving a high turnover, and increasing efficiency.